I am a philosopher, writer and peace activist focussing on the history of philosophy, science and ideas including the arts and literature. I look into how conflicts and peace may come about from a social justice and phenomenological lens.

Appalachian Trail, Fall 2020

For more than five years now, I have co-taught a course called ‘Love and War’ introducing students to gender-based violence on college campuses, but also interacting meaningfully with the history of philosophy, religion and literature. We also spend some time in the course watching films. Other courses that I teach this Spring (2021) are: Environmental Ethics in light of Covid-19, Philosophy of Art, Community and Belonging and Ethics.

Outside the classroom I am an avid outdoorsman, cyclist, baker of sourdough bread and inhabiter of many reading groups.

Curious about becoming an activist, reading a philosophical work together, starting a collaboration or learning more about my work?  That would be great! Send me message.